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Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Sick No More!!!

You may have noticed my absence from blogging recently and I wish I had some fun tale to tell as to why I haven't been on here, but plain and simply we were sick. Actually no "we" but just the male members of the family. They all battled some bacterial infection that presented itself in a number of forms with each person. I'll spare you the details! But, thanks to medicine and lots of rest everyone is feeling 100% again!
Here are some photos from events of the last few weeks that should have been blogged about...
We rescued this little lady from Sunset Square, She was unable to fly and we kept her safe and fed her until she could again. The boys looked her up in their bird book and determined that she is a SHE and she is a house sparrow.
Mama don't let your babies grow up to be cowboys...
Gabriel turned 7 in May and this is what he got with his birthday money from Auntie Shandi. We celebrated his special day by watching this movie...

And we took him out for Round Table Pizza, where he ordered the "king arthur supreme" and then back home for his yummy cake that  I made him.

Hope everyone out there in the blogosphere is doing well!

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