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Friday, June 18, 2010

Let's go on a picnic!

It is sheer coincidence that today, National Picnic Day, I am posting about this recent find, but very fitting... So here it goes!

I have been wanting a picnic basket for some time now. Probably since a certain child busted the handles off of the one my parents had bought me when I was in HS. I've dropped hints, shopped around, looked at Goodwill. But everyone I found was either a weird size, had flimsy handles, cost way too much or was broken so badly it was good for nothing but decoration. Until the other day. Went to Goodwill and found this lovely gem....

The only thing wrong with it is a little bit of the decorative wood trim is chipped, but what you can't make out in this photo is that little red tag there says $1.99!!! Sturdy handles, big space, durable wood and a great price!

It fits my fancy enamel thrift store plates very nicely (although the charger plates are a bit too big), if we are doing a picnic for two or it can hold a big stack of paper plates and plastic cups if we're doing something for the whole family. I can't wait to start using it! I can envision so many special moments using this little basket!

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