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Thursday, June 10, 2010

Never a dull moment here...

Today was a day just like any other day. Fed the kids breakfast, got some coffee going and when I sat down to drink my coffee in the living room I notice this guy messing around with his car. My thoughts were that's so sad that he's having car problems. Then he starts beating on the car, yanking stuff out and pouring stuff onto it. (may have just been water, I'm not sure) He begins to walk away from the car and we start to see it smoking. Then the smoke starts billowing out. I call 911 and when the firetruck got here the engine compartment was a full on blaze!

The fire department quickly got the fire under control and just as I'm typing this the tow truck is hauling the SUV away. I've come to the conclusion that we will rarely get those calm serene mornings that we dream of. Even when we're calm and quiet, the outside world comes smashing in! Enjoy your day!


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ruth said...

The other day while I was at work a biker got hit by a car out our window. What did my husband do.... Pulled out the zoom lens and took some shots of course. Small note the police and parimedics were there.