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Monday, March 31, 2008

I suppose I should share our big news w/ you all....

I just remember that we haven't shared our "big news" with most of our friends and family... Josh and I are expecting baby #4 in mid August! I'm about 19 weeks right now. I haven't seen an ob yet, because of insurance issues. But, thanks again to the WCPC (see last post) I got all set up w/ maternity insurance through the state. So, the first appointment is on Tuesday April 8 @ 6:45 pm, so look for a post shortly after that for anymore news. We will be finding out if it's a boy or girl as soon as I get another ultrasound. So, check back for further updates. Here's some answers to commonly asked questions...
-I am feeling great now, was very nauseas (sp?) back in Jan. but I think that's more to do w/ me having the norovirus, tonsilitis two weeks later and a sinus flu two weeks after that.
-We don't know if it's a girl, we will be finding out, no I won't be sad if we have another boy.
-I don't know if this means we're done, probably, but I don't know what the future holds...only God does.
-Yes I realize we won't all fit in a VW Jetta anymore, we are trying to resolve that issue...do you think the police would be mad if we made Joshua ride in the trunk? LOL Just kidding.
-Don't know if we'll be doing a shower. Most likely no, but if it's a girl...we're going to have to celebrate somehow.
-I will do a registry, most likely at Target, but there is not much we'll need...other than diapers, diapers and more diapers.

Walk for Life

I am doing the Walk for Life again this year on Mothers Day weekend (sat May 10). It's an easy 2 mile walk, but it's lots of fun for the whole family to do together. They have games and snack before the walk and those bouncy castles and hotdogs after the walk. The boys look forward to it every year. I'm so excited to do my part to help out such a wonderful program. I have been a client and supporter of The Whatcom County Prenancy Clinic for three years now and it has been a great blessing to my life. After some serious problems w/ dshs' caseworkers while I was pregnant w/ Gabriel, I was really hesitant about getting medical again when I was pregnant w/ Zaccheaus. Then I found out about the WCPC. They are a faith based organization, that helps pregnant women and other people in Whatcom County. I recieved a free pregnancy test to confirm my pregnancy and they took care of the paperwork w/ dshs and I never had to meet w/ a dshs caseworker. It was such a nice expirience to not be treated like some plauge on society. Josh and I are working towards something, not trying to live off the system our whole lives. They women who work at the WCPC are so great and caring, it really does make a difference. If you would like more info about the Whatcom County Pregnancy Center, the Walk for Life or if you would like to sponsor me in my walk; click on the link to the right that says Walk for Life and it will redirect you to my personal ewalk page with more info. Watch for pictures of us at the walk soon to come. (if i remember my camera this year LOL)

Sunday, March 30, 2008

April Showers Bring May Flowers, So What Does Late March Snow Bring?

It's been trying to snow all week here, but nothing has been sticking. Well, that was until yesterday morning when we got about 4-6 inches in an hour. It just started coming down like crazy. We attempted to go play in it, but it was too cold and melting fast. So, we opted to hang out in the club house at our apts (they have cable!) and watched cartoon and drank hot chocolate. Much better than being cold and wet. Of course the boys had plenty of fun throwing snow balls everytime we went outside, but it didn't last long. The sun came out later and it was gone almost as fast as it came down. Still a few remaining snow piles, but not enough to play in.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Do It Again 3 (1998): Part 2

HaHaHa! My hubby is famous he's on youtube. this is part 2 of his highschool highlight video. LOL He's #75. Also, one of the ball boys is future UW'er Jake Locker and the kicker is NFL'er Mike Koenen. So weird finding this online.