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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Back from Vacation

We made it back home! We enjoyed out time away, but it wasn't as exciting as we had planned. We did take the ferry over to Port Townsend and camped there one night. It ended up raining, so we decided to head down to the next destination. Dosewallips State Park ended up being in the middle of nowhere and due to constraints on our packing space we didn't have any substantial amount of food with us. So, we decided to keep driving until we found a place to camp near civilization. We ended up driving all the way around the Puget Sound, with a stop in Shelton for lunch (thanks again Shandi for directing us to that park) and onto Dash Point State Park in Federal Way. Other than the mosquitos that were there we liked that park. Until, each of the boys had bathroom accidents, one of which resulted in us needing to buy new shoes for one of them. So after all that frustration we decided to give up on camping and spent the next two nights staying at Josh's brother Jacob's house. We spent the days hanging out with my SIL Trish and her girls and that was a lot of fun. Saturday we attempted to go see the Seattle Center, but it was really busy and parking was a joke, so we went to Northgate Mall for lunch and visited ToysRUs. The closest one to Bham is in the Everett area I think, so it's been a long time since the boys have been there. Then we headed home for some much needed rest and a full nights sleep.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Going on vacation!

We're finally taking our first family vacation ever! So, we'll be offline for about a week. Tomorrow (6-17-08) we'll be driving down to Whidbey Island and taking the ferry accross to Port Townsend (pic below) and camping there for two days.
Then we are going down to the Dosewallips (sp?) river for two more day of camping and some river fishing. Hopefully we'll catch something this time.
Next it's back onto a ferry into Seattle and to a quick meeting with a photographer about a photo package that was given to us for pics of the baby. Then we're topping it all off with our neices' Mary and Gabby's Birthday Party! We should be back late Saturday night or maybe Sunday. I hope everyone else has a good week. Please pray for safe travels for us. Thanks.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Fishing Party

It was Gabriel's 5th birthday on Memorial Day and we had a fishing party for him. He was sooo excited and enjoyed every minute of it. Eventhough none of his friends were able to make it, he still says it was the best party ever. Due to rain the whole night before we had to have the party indoors in our apartment. I decorated the dining room w/ what decorations I had that could be used inside (the tiki torches and fire pits were a no-go) and set up the tent in the living room. We played a few fishing themed games and had camp-out snacks; pigs in a blanket, juices and teddy graham trail mix. The trail mix is the best snack ever, mini pretzels, teddy grahams, and yougurt covered raisens. Best part for us was it's peanut free! So, both Gabe and Cheaus got to have it. Oh, and we had cupcakes and ice cream, too.
All the boys had lots of fun and Gabe got a Leapster from Grandma & Papa (crystals parents) and he thinks it's the coolest thing ever. Even cooler than his gameboy (yay! cuz it's educational, too). We got him a new build a bear moose that he named Moe and he dressed it in camo shorts and an offroad jeep shirt. Moe's outfit is covered in the pic by our build a bear bday party accessories. It's very cute. And of course a party isn't a party until something gets broken, so Joshua took it upon himself to liven things up and shattered our sliding glass door with the magnet on the fishing pole for our fishing game. It was foolish of me to set it up right next to the door, which he pointed out. But, too late now. Thanks for looking at our blog. TTYL