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Monday, May 17, 2010

Did I mention he's cute!

As I mentioned previously, we have started up the Lowe's and Home Depot kids workshops (we are loving them!) and here is Zaccheaus in his spiffy apron...

So the other day we're driving down the guide and Cheaus see the sign for Home Depot and says:
"Hey, There's the Home Depot! That's where I work!"

See! He is too stinkin cute!
The older boys tried to discourage and correct him, but I quickly squelched that and allowed him to continue pretending he works there. Is that wrong? LOL

I have free time again!!!

Oh, what a busy week we had last week! With soccer practice M-T-W, Classes at church T, Awanas Celebration W, quick trip to Auburn Th-F, and Saturday was final soccer games and a party for Joshua's team.
Gabriel receiving his trophy at his teams practice/party.

He had a really great time this year playing on the Eastside team. They did well as a team, but I have no idea what their overall win-loses were. In U-7 they still don't really keep score. Their party was after the last practice/scrimmage game on Tuesday.

Joshua getting the ball

He loves to play goalie. His team did awesome this year only losing one game I think. Next year in U-10 they will start having championships and all that jazz. His coach rented out the field at the sportsplex for the boys to have a parents vs. kids scrimmage game. We brought Costco cupcakes (thanks mom!) and some other parents brought snacks as well. All in all it was a busy but fun week.

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Chicken Update

Our dear little chicks are no longer little balls of fluff and are beginning to look like full grown chickens. They are starting to roost and making little nests in the bedding. And going through water/feed like crazy!

(red says "hi")

They will be moving out to their new coop soon (post coming soon about that). But first we're taking off for a few days for Auburn. See you all when we get back. Lots of post should be coming soon. We have the ending of both soccer and Awanas this week. It will be nice to get my weeknights back! LOL

Monday, May 3, 2010

Shop Class

As a homeschooler I seize every opportunity to make learning fun and when I learned about the Kids' Workshops at Home Depot and Lowe's (i'll blog about lowes later) I knew I had to take the boys there.

The picture really speaks for itself and we had so much fun! It is really interesting to me seeing the different learning styles in each of my boys. One was full on into it with all his might and had quite a few bent nails to be fixed. The next boy was slow and steady. Took him forever, but his project was perfect. The last one made each and every blow of the hammer count and got his project done with only a few minor errors (and he was stinking cute in the process).

I mean look at him! So stinking cute!
Each kid receives an apron and earns a pin for each project.

This last week's project was this cute little planter for Mother's Day! Hurray for me!
And here is next month's project...

Want to join us? We'll be there bright and early probably. It's drop in style, so you can go anytime!

Monday Moments

Monday again already? Wow last week went by too fast!

Started off the week with Gabriel's soccer practice. The weather here has been so crazy! Rain and sun at the same time, but the beautiful result of all the craziness is lots of rainbows to take pics of!
Here is Elizabeth saying "pica boo" at Boulevard Park. It was so sunny on Thursday, we skipped out on school work and had a fun day going around with Josh. Had a picnic at the park and got a lot of errands done that day.
And lastly, we finally got a huge "to-do" checked off our list! The deck has been pressure washed! I can't wait for bbq's and just relaxing out on the deck this summer. It's so beautiful up here! Now all I need is some Adirondack chairs and some lemonade and I'll be set!