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Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday Moments...

A new feature here on my blog is going to be "Monday Moments". Just a few happenings over the past week, that I want to cherish and share with everyone. Mostly pics I've taken on my cell phone, so no critiquing my photography! Nothing too exciting...Just our life ☻
The Pesto/Feta/Veggie Pizza I made for Josh
(I forgot to get a pic of the chicken BBQ one Joshua made for everyone else)
Elizabeth and her friend Esther at the church softball game
(these two are 1 month and 2 days apart)

Lemon Blueberry Scones I made this morning, so yummy!

Friday, April 23, 2010

Free Bowling!!!

Recently I signed the kids up for free bowling all summer long. If you have kids you should check it out! It's nation wide and the kids get up to two free games per day all summer. There is also an option to buy a family pass so mom and/or dad can join in the fun, too. We chose not to do that, as we usually have to spend the whole time helping them anyways. Plus we found buy one get one coupons through the Tropicana Rewards site, so if we decide to bowl we only have to pay for one adult!
The down-side of it is we still have to rent shoes, so I am now on the look out for cheap/free used bowling shoes. Men's sizes 15 and 8, women's 10 (or another men's 8), boys size 4 and 13 and a toddler size 7. So if you're ever at Goodwill or a yard sale and see some for cheap give me call! At $2 a pair to rent it will be much better to just buy them.
Why oh why did I tell Josh to get rid of his he had back in high school? LOL! His are going to be the hardest to find!

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun at home

Yesterday we went out and did our typical Wednesday grocery shopping at the Market in Fairhaven. Arrived there just fine and got what we needed and loaded up the car to head home. As we're leaving and coming to a stop at the intersection I realized "MY CAR IS NOT STOPPING!?!?!" I almost rearend Josh on his motorcycle in front of us, but was able to swerve to the right and e-brake the car before entering the intersection. Light turns green and I slowly roll through the light and into the gas station across the street. So there we are car full of groceries and kids and no brakes! My mom came to our rescue (thanks mom!) and got us all home safely.
Turns out it wasn't actually the brakes, but either the brake booster or the vacuum pump that attaches to it...which leads me to today's post. We are stuck at home for a while until Josh gets everything all fixed up (Hopefully not much more than a week) and trying to make the most of it and keep the kiddos entertained. "What better way to keep boys entertained then blowing things up", I thought and decided to do a volcano experiment to kinda go along with all that's been happening in the news. I'll save the suspense and admit that there really wasn't anything explosive about our volcano. LOL
Building a volcano

Setting the scene
(no volcano scene is complete w/o dinosaurs LOL)

My sad eruption

In steps daddy

and the boys get the full on lava they wanted!

Maybe tomorrow we'll launch those rockets up in the closets ;-)

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Gotta Love "Free Stuff"

Just after saying to Josh yesterday that we really need some pine shavings and a bigger brooder for our chicks I find this on the roadside with a free sign on it...
It was still all set up for a snake with a heat lamp and some rocks and logs in it. And it came with two bags of shavings! Cleaned it out and disinfected it and got it all set up for the chickies and now they have more room to roam and seem generally happier! Yay!

Here they all are basking in the heat below the lamp.

As of right now they are all sleeping in the sunlight beaming in our windows and I'm off to enjoy it myself!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

FarmVille to FarmReal

I have finally done it...I deleted my farmville farm (above)! A fun little facebook game that is reminisant of simpler times and was a good tool to show my kids what all the different farm animals looked like. I had almost made it to the top level, but decided it was time to get off the computer and enjoy God's creations for real. If I want to show the kids animal, lets go see REAL animals! Which leads to our next part of this post...

Meet Black, Red, Brown and White (original I know)...Our new baby chicks!
Playing FV reminded me of the years I spent out at my grandparents helping with the chickens and I really wanted to have a farm of my own. But, I live in the city so I thought that would never happen. Well, as it turns out most cities allow just a few hens to be kept in runs without any permits or anything needed. After talking with some friends and going to a petting zoo put on by my friend who has so many beautiful animals, we came home with these little ladies! White and Brown are from her chicks she had for sale. (Joshua also won me a bar of goats milk soap from their raffle!) Black and Red were picked up at the local feed store to be certain we did have at least two girls. We are not 100% possitive that my friend are indeed girls.
I've also decided to give gardening another try and will be putting in some tomatoes, peppers and a few other yummy treats. So, next time you're in the area...Stop by and check out our Micro Farm in the works!