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Monday, May 17, 2010

Did I mention he's cute!

As I mentioned previously, we have started up the Lowe's and Home Depot kids workshops (we are loving them!) and here is Zaccheaus in his spiffy apron...

So the other day we're driving down the guide and Cheaus see the sign for Home Depot and says:
"Hey, There's the Home Depot! That's where I work!"

See! He is too stinkin cute!
The older boys tried to discourage and correct him, but I quickly squelched that and allowed him to continue pretending he works there. Is that wrong? LOL


abigail said...

THAT is pretty stinkin' cute! :)

Burdett Family said...

LOL we'll have to come see him at work sometime =)~ So cute!

Anonymous said...

Too cute. We did that with Dylan about a million years ago with the spiffy apron. he loved it and we loved it for him. Helped me feel like maybe he wasn't getting "lost in the middle". (Dylan is 3rd born) We still have all his projects in the closet in the garage! I can't bare to part with them.