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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Offering Hopsitality

I've been featured on a wonderful blog over at Offering Hospitality for my spring parties I have done with the kiddos!!!
Head over to their blog and read today's post challenging us to do something fun for the first day of summer.
I'm really enjoying learning from these ladies and growing in the area of hospitality and now my head is swirling with ideas of how to celebrate the first day of summer with my kids. I'm sure that big beautiful lake outside my window will play into it somehow!


Burdett Family said...

Isn't the first day of summer and fathers day the same day?!?! Maybe you can combine the two... I'm excited to hear what you are going to do!! =)

Burdett Family said...

OH NM it says monday the 21st on there...my calendar says the first day of summer is sunday the 20th =) so silly