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Monday, October 25, 2010

Like Father Like Son

After much speculation on our part, doctors confirmed last week that Gabriel has Asthma. Something like 90% of kids with severe allergies like he had end up developing Asthma later in life, so we were totally prepared for this day. We're beginning a series if inhalers and nasal sprays to see if these will help him breath better. We'll see what happens.
Josh (my hubby) was about 8 when his family moved to the PNW and he developed allergies and Asthma, so Gabe is just about on track with his daddy. I'm thankful Josh has been through this already and has experience with all the inhalers and all that.  It's not a life threatening illness, but it will take some extra caution and patience on our part, so prayer would be much appreciated.

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

We're still here!!!

Man! I have really let my blog go! We have been having crazy busy days around here lately. We had to update all of our programs we are on and let them know that Josh was working and just as I finished that all up, Josh got let go. We knew there was a possibility that his job may not be permanent and the more days he was there the more he realized this would be a "until the next one comes along" kind of job. Now were just waiting on Intalco and applying for more jobs. Talks of making a trip over to Wyoming have started up again too.
My poor dinosaur of a computer no longer has Internet so I will be doing all my blogging from our netbook. Elizabeth got to our good router and then our back up one met an unfortunate fate falling from where Josh had it perched. Hopefully we'll get that fixed soon, but until then we won't have many pictures on here.
Hope everyone is doing well! TTYL!