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Monday, May 9, 2011

Pops, Guns and Fun

I hope all the mommies out there had a wonderful Mother's Day this year!

Cards and Flowers from the kids
I was spoiled rotten by my family this year! Josh was very busy with work and other things so my mom took the kids shopping for a present for me. Gabe picked out some flowers (the yellow rose is from my church), Joshua got me a cookbook and my mom got me this cakepop maker to go along with the cookbook.

Cake Pop maker from my mom

 I have been following Bakerella's blog for quite some time and have wanted this cookbook since it came out! I was at Target the night before the boys were supposed to go shopping and was messing with them by pointing at various things saying "I like this" & "I like that", etc. and as soon as I pointed out this cookbook, Joshua lit up and was so excited about it. I knew right then, that's what I would be getting for my gift, LOL!

Bakerella's Cake Pop cookbook
Look at those little owls! So cute I want to eat them!

Garden stakes painted by the kids
 These are not cake pops, but rather garden stakes that the kids painted at a JoAnn's crafting class. Well, I guess "class" isn't the right term for it. They had a table set up right inside the main entrance and the "instructor" tossed a bunch of paper on the table and said "ok kids make your moms a card" and then when it came time to make the stakes she put out the paints and let the kids go at them making a huge mess. Don't think we'll be taking any of the future classes at that JoAnn's. But, I do love my cards and garden decorations still, so I guess it was worth it. ;-D


I had planned a whole brunch thing after church. I made scones, lemon bars, choc. dipped strawberries and a few other things to go along with an overnight egg casserole that I was going to bake. But, when I removed the casserole from the fridge the whole thing looked black and disgusting. When I threw it out I learned that because my egg mix didn't cover all the potatoes, they then turned black and ruined the whole thing. =(
So I told Josh I was cancelling my brunch and he could do what ever he wanted. So he chose getting some Port of Subs sandwiches and bring them back home to just chill and watch movies. We had all my yummy treats for dessert instead. But before all that we had to make one stop...

Josh really wanted to take me shooting, since I've never shot a gun before and we own like 4 or 5 of them. So, we headed up to a little spot off of a Forestry Service road and I got a lesson in shooting.

me being dorky with the glock
I have to say the guns aren't as scary as I thought they'd be. We started with teaching me to use a pistol. Specifically Josh's new Glock (I have named it Helga von Glockenspielen), which is a 9mm.

Josh decided to get out the big guns
Josh got out the AR-15 he built and shot a couple rounds with it and then insisted I give it a try. I was so nervous with that big gun, but I actually felt I had more control over it than the glock. I couldn't aim it very well though, I think I need a lesson in lining up sights and all that. I actually hit some of my targets by just shooting to see where the bullet would go then adjusting my shot that way.  

Me with the AR-15
Not many people can look cute while holding an assault rifle, but I think I'm pulling it off well.

Hi Kids... Having Fun?
We didn't have enough ear plugs for everyone, so the kids stayed in the truck while we were shooting. They did get out for a bit and explored around the woods a bit before we left.  

 I hope everyone else had a blessed day!

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