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Thursday, May 26, 2011

On the move

Our time to move has come and we will be moving into our new apartment. I've told some of you already, but this will be mine and Josh's 12th move and something like 23 or so for my own lifetime (and I'm only 29). Even though we are seasoned movers I've really struggled with being content during this whole moving process. I think it might have something to do with the fact that this is our first move that is not self gratifying. In the past we've moved for more space, less rent, new location, etc. But, this time around we are moving so that our church can sell their properties and move into a bigger location. Which I'm totally willing to do and am super excited for. Still, I keep having feeling of not wanting to deal with moving and frustrations start to build up. So I've been trying to focus on the positives of this move. For example; we'll have less space to clean, I'll have my own bathroom again (well I guess I'll share it w/ Josh, but he doesn't make messes like the little boys do), everything will be on one floor (no more having to bring all the laundry from upstairs all the way down to the basement), no yard to care for, we'll still be close to the new church and many others. Thinking on these things helps me to regain focus on what really matters. Am I glorifying God in all I do? Am I setting a good example for my children on how to handle a situation when you don't really want to do what you have to do?
I love this old house. I love being close to the lake. Having the chance to have chickens was awesome. Having so much living space and a basement shop for Josh was a dream. Walking to church was such a time and money saver, we were able to participate in much more than before.

Then God in his great sovereignty gives me situations like this little guy I found in my kitchen halfway between me and Elizabeth.

Yep! I'm ready to move!

It's Gabe's birthday today, we'll be off celebrating and the official move in day is Saturday. See you all next week! I'll be at my spider/mouse/rat free apartment! ( i really hope it is spider/mouse/rat free)
Wait...Did I ever blog about the mice & rats here? It's an old house we've caught 4 mice & a rat got into the attic during the winter, but he was caught and disposed of. ;-D

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