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Friday, May 13, 2011

Mmmm... Chocolate =D

I need to get started on dinner, but I have failed at my weekly meal planning this week and have no idea what I'm going to throw together tonight. Plus, I'm feeling a little something coming on that is making me just want to eat things like these;


You had to post that coffee cake today, Ruth! I've wanted it since I saw the pic on Facebook! LOL


My kids will survive one night of being fed chocolate cake for dinner... Right? I won't be scaring them for life will I? LOL

1 comment:

Ruth E said...

Crystal - thanks for letting me know that I enabled your chocolate...cravings....addictions..,love relationship (However you want to describe it)...I am really wanting to try making this cake soon - today would be great, but there is no way I will make this without friends to help me eat it - no one here likes coffee!