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Thursday, July 28, 2011


Today is Josh's 31st birthday! No presents, no party, but still special and fun. His new work has a policy that on your birthday you get to go home an hour early, so that was a special treat for him. Here's some pics of our evening!
His Cake

Relaxing checking his emails

I think he got a little too relaxed

Thai coconut soup, chicken curry, tandoori chicken, basmati rice and naan bread...and a lot of sunshine =D

and no he didn't burn the house down with those!


Burdett Family said...

you guys cook weird food lol Cake looks yummy though!! Happy Birthay Josh =)

Only One Life said...

Beautiful table Crystal! The meal looks delish! Isabelle has been asking for Naan bread again so she can eat with her fingers. According to her, that was the best part of learning to eat Indian food!! Happy belated birthday Josh!