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Friday, July 1, 2011

Settling In

We're getting close to feeling settled in to our new place. It's hard getting 1800 sq ft of stuff into 900 sq ft. Especially when before 600 sq ft of that was just storage. We know have a saw in the dinning room and closets full of tools and outdoor stuff that we just couldn't part with. Elizabeth has finally stopped saying "we're home!" when we pull into church each Sunday and the boys are getting adjusted to having to be quiet for the sake of the neighbors again.

We did a little walk about our neighborhood trail and I thought I'd share the pics with you. I borrowed my mom's fancy camera for taking pics of the boys' football camp (pics are on FB), so I've been making use of having it... taking lots of pictures!

Someone got creative planting the grass in the roundabout

My Babies

Learning about the native plants to our neighborhood
We're starting to like being in this neighborhood again. Everything is so close by. But, we wouldn't mind having just a bit more space. ;-D

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