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Friday, August 12, 2011

Resting and Planning

I feel like this summer (or lack there of) we have been sick more than any other! Mostly just allergy/cold type sicknesses that come with this damp Washington climate, but non the less we've had lots of sick kiddos lately which doesn't lead to many interesting blog posts, sorry! We've just been lounging around getting lots of rest and not doing a whole lot, trying to reduce risk of getting sick again.
Here's a little sneak peek at the projects I've been working on lately. Elizabeth is turning 3 on the 15th and we're doing a small party for her on Sunday. We chose the theme "vintage cowgirl" and below is a collage of my inspiration photos. Most are from TomKat Studios and I don't remember where the rest came from (sorry again). Elizabeth is very excited and for the first time is really understanding that this party is for her. Now I just hope it's fun enough for her that she's not disappointed when she doesn't get the "weel hosie" (real horsie) she asked for. LOL

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Angel said...

A great collection of ideas!