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Sunday, July 3, 2011

My new garden

I guess you can't really call it a garden... It's just three planters with my Blueberry and Blackberry bushes that I had planted at the house.

The Blueberries are doing great despite this poor weather we've had this Spring/Summer. Once we moved over here I started seeing big fuzzy bees on it multiple times a day, so it's nice and pollinated. LOL

My Blackberry on the other hand is not flourishing quite as well. Looks like I'll get 1 berry off it... well hopefully I get it and not a bird, bug or neighbor kid. Also, that's my other Blueberry in the background. Didn't take a pic of that one, sorry.

The Blueberry plants are Organic and I got them at the Market in Fairhaven last Spring and had the deer at the old house eat every berry it produced. I'm so excited to actually eat the berries from them. I'm thinking they'll be great in my Lemon Blueberry Scone recipe!

The Blackberry is a "thornless" that we got on clearance at Walmart last Mother's Day and it's never done much of anything. With all the Blackberries growing wild around here, you'd think it'd produce like crazy!

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