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Thursday, April 14, 2011

I should go to bed

But instead I'll blog a little to let you all know that we're still here, alive and well. =D
I thought it would be kinda fun to recap the last 24(+/-) hours and give you an idea of how crazy it's been around here lately;
  • Took kids to Awanas last night on way back home Elizabeth falls asleep (6:30 pm) and stays asleep when I bring her into the house.
  • Go back & pick up boys and this time on the way home my engine light comes on. Which isn't all that alarming, but if it's indicating what Josh thinks it's indicating the manual suggest "do not drive up any large hills or carry heavy loads" which translates into only one person in the car at a time and if we leave... we can't come back home (ie we live atop a large hill).
  • Elizabeth wakes up at 11pm... just as I'm dozing off and is rearing to go! Take her downstairs to the pull out couch (thank you Schisler's for getting new furniture!), put on a movie & tried to sleep next to her. Finally got her to sleep around 3 am!
  • Woke up to everyone's ecstatic cheers of "SNOW!!!" around 7am. <-I was not as excited!
  • Get a call at 9 am from a realtor asking if she can bring her client over at 11!!! No that will not work was my reply. Scheduled for them to come between 4 and 5.
  • Got a call at 10 saying plumber is coming soon, don't get in the shower, the water will be shut off.
  • Remembered that today is Thursday and I am watching my friends kids at 3.
  • Josh took a quick look at the car, not anything simple... something in there has to be fixed and of course it will be a lot of work to get to whatever it is. Darn compact cars!
  • Phone rang non-stop all morning and I think I sent/received a record amount of texts today.
  • Got school done and house mostly cleaned by noon!
  • Josh made lunch! <- Oh, how I love him so!
  • Weird people were stopping and looking at the house all day, one guy even walked around the property for about 20 minutes.
  • Friend's kids came over...we played, watched movies and relaxed.
  • Realtor shows up right at 4 while friends are still here to show our house to a single guy while there is 7 children in my house. Ahh! Poor guy! We're not even the big families in our circle of friends, LOL!
  • Did a Costco run with all my kids and Josh and all we needed was laundry soap...Why did I go to Costco only needing one thing?!?! Spent too much money, Josh bought dinner and we came home and crashed. Well all crashed but me, I'm still up and energized from all I had to get done today.
The clock is just hitting 11pm, so I guess I should head off to bed. Josh has an interview in the AM at a local company and then my mom, Elizabeth and I are off to my sister's house for two days! Yay! Girls weekend!

To all my prayer warrior friends please pray that this interview tomorrow goes well and that we can find a reasonably priced place to rent soon.

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