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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

I ♥ my mom

When I got up this morning I checked my phone and saw a text from my mom that read;
"Please have Eli look outside the door when she wakes up"
We open the door to find a giant gift bag with the movie Tangled, a Rapunzel doll, party supplies and treats for the kids, so we got the table all set and had our breakfast on our Tangled plates and Pop-Tarts that were in the bag and then watched the movie.
It was the perfect pick up for the kids, life has been rather boring around here lately and I have just been exhausted since the Women's Retreat last weekend. Here's some pics of the morning, thus far.

Pop-Tarts, eggs and sausage for breakfast on Tangled plates

Her new favorite doll
And yes I know my phone camera is still messed up. Someday I'll have a new camera and there will be some decent pictures on here. ;-D
I think I'm going to make some pretzels or something for an afternoon snack & then it's time to get working on our Awanas verses. Thanks again mom! Love you!


Becky said...

<3 Love you all too:)
I'm happy you had a good day on such a major rainy day

ruth said...

What a sweet mom!!

Burdett Family said...

That movie is the only thing that has been on at our house since yesterday LOL

Carrie said...

THAT'S SO FUN! =D (Love that movie.)