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Saturday, April 23, 2011

Grizzly Inc

To those who may not know... Josh has gotten a job!!! It's been such a whirlwind experience and I thank God for his miraculous care of us. Unemployment ran out last week, with the last check coming Tuesday. Josh applied for a job at Grizzly on Thursday, interviewed Friday and started work Monday morning!

His new position is a Machinist of sorts. He uses the president of Grizzly's machines to make prototypes and other thing, writes G-codes for the CNC, repairs older machines and helps out the customers when needed. Because he works in the corporate offices, he has to wear slacks, dress shirt and a tie. Which is so strange to see, since we don't dress up for anything. We actually had to go buy him a bunch of new clothes, because most his clothes are made by Carhartt and don't really fit in a corporate setting, LOL.

I thank you all for your prayers during Josh's time of unemployment. It was a long road and we are so glad for it to be over, but wouldn't have passed up all the time we had with him home all day for anything. Please keep praying that he continues to do well at this new job and he can be a blessing to his new work team.

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Honey Family said...


We are so excited for your family, and to hear and see the perfect provision from the Lord. We will be praying for Josh as he settles in, that things will go smoothly and it will continue to be a great transition. Also praying for just the perfect house for your sweet family!

Love, Chessa