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Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Well, it's finally happened...We had to take one of our boys in for stitches this past Friday. You think with 3 boys this would have happened already. But, (praise God) it hasn't. No broken bones either!
So, Friday Josh and the boys decided to try out the bike trailer and take it for a spin around the block. They bumped the curb a bit and since Zaccheaus wasn't wearing a belt he got launched out of the trailer. Josh wouldn't allow me to see the initial injury, due to what happened the last time someone was seriously hurt in our family. (i.e me fainting)

Goofing off in the ER
Obviously, other than being scraped up, it didn't effect him all that much.

Day 1
Josh was feeling bad that this happened when they were supposed to be having fun and Zaccheaus milked that for all it was worth. While they were at the ER, I finished up dinner and we ate when they returned, but I had made a bunch of stuff that was too hard for him to eat. So we gave him some Jello and said after dinner daddy would take him to get some mac and cheese at the grocery store deli. We finished eating and Josh said "ok, ready to get your mac and cheese". Zaccheaus replied "Uh-huh (yes) and a TOY"! LOL! Apparently Zaccheaus led Josh all over the grocery store picking out his dinner, some candy for everyone and a couple toy cars. He tried to keep that up all week, but it didn't last long. Hopefully he doesn't think this is a good way to get new stuff.

Day 2
"My stitch" will be a running joke in this family. Any time he was asked to do something, he just let out a little whimper, pointed at his head and said "my stitch".

Day 3
We made it to church Sunday and out to the picnic afterwards. Zaccheaus told a slightly different version of what happened, but enjoyed getting so much attention from all our curious friends.

Day 4
Sorry no day 5, had jury duty again and spent most of the rest of the day out.

Day 6
His stitches fell out today and we're not sure what happened to them. Just all of a sudden they were gone. (and no they weren't the dissolving kind) He's healing up really well and I want to thank everyone, who prayed for him. You're prayers were noticed! PTL!

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Stephanie's Mommy Brain said...

Wow! That was quite a bump. Poor kid. We've never had stitches but boy #2 (everything happens to HIM) has staples in the back of his head 2 summers ago. This summer he broke his arm. I'm a little afraid of what he'll do NEXT summer. :)