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Friday, September 3, 2010


We aren't failures as chicken farmers! And here is our proof...
Our First Egg Sept 3, 2010
We got our first egg today. We have three chickens, so we should start seeing three eggs a day real soon.

Store bought large egg for scale
The first eggs are supposed to be smaller and light in color to start. But, as you can see it's not much smaller than a store bought egg. We're guessing this is from our Rhode Island Red.

First pepper!
I picked our first pepper today too! I will probably be our only jalapeno, we have a bell growing too and have seen nothing on all our other pepper plants. I have one tomato growing as well...had two, but a hungry deer got to it. I would have a lot of produce right now if it weren't for those six deer who occasionally help themselves to my veggies. Anyone want some venison? LOL I'm joking ;-)

1 comment:

Carrie said...

=D Congratulations on not being a failure as a chicken farmer! LOL! That's awesome!