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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

First Day of School

The Price Homeschooling Academy has opened for another year. I wanted to do something a little fun for our first day of school this year and judging by my tired kids, I think I succeeded.
Marshmallow Mateys and Hot Cocoa in their new Starbucks cups
We started our day off with a hearty breakfast of marshmallow mateys cereal and hot cocoa in their new starbucks mugs (I was going with a theme, I don't always serve up straight sugar for breakfast).

Next we did the fun little quiz I did with the kids last year again. I write out some grade appropriate math questions. Have them do some fill in the blank questions about themselves and then they draw a picture of themselves and write a story about it. Doesn't really mean anything, but as a parent it's fun to see the differences each year.

I set out all the books we will be working out of for this year and let the kids look through them. In addition to the basics, we will be doing some American History focusing on the Pioneer times and learning about animals only found in North America. So, look forward to posts on field trips to northwest trek, pioneer parkyellowstone and possibly Fort Langley. I'm sure we'll be playing lots of Oregon Trail and web rangers, too!
We took a break (recess!) and then after mommy was ready for the day, we headed off on our first field trip of the year! Has nothing to do with what we are studying, but it was still fun and educational. I packed our picnic lunch of what was supposed to be fish & chips (tuna buns and potato chips), but I was out of tuna! (Remember there was a theme going with the day) So...We had turkey sandwiches, chips and carrots on our picnic at the harbor. I had the kids try to guess where our field trip was to and said their food today was a clue. Only Joshua figured out where we were going. Everyone else guessed the aquarium in Seattle. LOL!

Zaccheaus in a bubble
At the Bellingham Harbor there is this fun little place called the marine life center. There are a few tanks of fish, crustaceans and other marine animals (the octopus tank was empty). A viewing pool of what one may find in the tide pools around Whatcom County and the touch tank which all the kids loved (pictured below).
The touch tank
All in all we had a great day. If you have any suggestion on fun activities or field trips we could do, please share! Plus... we have some other news to share, but that will be another post. And no, I'm not pregnant! It's something else! ;-)

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