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Sunday, February 8, 2009

4 x 4 Challenge

I've Been Tagged!
With the 4x4 challenge you go to your picture place and find the fourth folder. Open it up and choose the fourth picture and blog about that picture. Then tag 4 other people to blog about it.

So here it is....

This is Joshua (in red), Gabriel (green) and Zaccheaus at the Awanas carnival this last year. They really wanted to be the mario brothers, but there are only two mario brothers... So, Joshua and Gabriel were mario and luigi and Zaccheaus was a train conductor (or inductor as he would say LOL) Finding denim overalls in big kid sizes turned out to be quite a difficult task. I ended up finding a carhart pair for Joshua at a consignment shop and Gabe's were found on our third trip to value village. Umm...lets see...I tag Shandi, Jenn, Jessica and Monica

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