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Thursday, January 29, 2009


NO SURGERY (for now anyways). We had our consultation with the surgeon today and he was unable to find the hernia. Which means that the hole is still there, but the piece of intestine that was slipping through it went back where it's suppose to be. So that means NO SURGERY. Hooray! Joshua is very relieved.

So to celebrate we got drinks and a cookie at Starbucks...yummy!
Isn't he cute with his tumbler he got from Auntie Trish for his birthday?
And here's a pic of Eli on the way to church on Sunday. Nice hat, huh?

Lastly, I want to thank all of you who have prayed for Joshua over the week. We really felt your prayers comforting us. We thank you so much!


Card Family said...

That's great news! Love, Us

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

If you haven't been tagged yet, I am tagging you with the 4x4 challenge. Visit my blog for directions.

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Crystal, Both my brothers and my father had this on both sides. My brothers had surgery as infants and my stubborn father waited until he suffered over 60 years before having it fixed. I can remember many times seeing him doubled over in pain and after the simple surgery he was so upset that he had been too afriad of doctors to have it done prior. He really suffered, but he had his sons fixed! Go figure. As scary as it looks, it is quite simple and for your sons sake, I'd recommend getting it fixed "the sooner the better". But I don't know all the details of either :)