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Thursday, February 12, 2009


Hola all! I'm back home from spending 5 hours at the dentist office this morning. Never got to see the dentist either, but over their lunch break they had two cancelations for tomorrow, so I will get my tooth looked at at 8:45 am tomorrow. Yay! How do you think you would do in a waiting room for 5 hours with a 6 month old? Eli was actually really good today and took a nap for almost two of the hours we were there. Such a wonderful baby :0) Well...I'm tired and can barely put two thoughts together, SO...ttyl
*New update...had dentist appt again today. My appt was at 8:45 but the dentist doesn't get there until 9, isn't that weird. Anyhoo...they are going to try and just fill in the tooth. So, I'm going back on monday to have it all fixed up. If that doesn't work I have to get a crown which we would have to pay for ourselves (yikes), because our insurance doesn't cover them.

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