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Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Jacked-Up My Grill LOL

No I am not talking about getting car work done. I busted off part of my tooth last night. All weekend long it felt like my filling in one of my molars was detaching, but I found out while eating M & M's last night it was in fact my tooth detaching from the filling and the rest of the tooth. So...now I am missing half a tooth. To quote Trish "at least it's a molar and all my vanity is still in tact" LOL. I called my dentist this morning and ask if I can get in and they said now that I'm just a regular adult patient (as apposed to a pregnant one) I will have to come in and be on stand by to have it looked at. Ya...a women with four kids, one of whom is nursing, has time to sit around the dentist office all day. Or I could try to find a different dentist. So...that's what I tired to do. Josh's dentist in Sedro Wooley isn't accepting new patients until summer and told me to call someone else who takes state insurance. To make a long story short no one else in all of whatcom/skagit counties does. Looks like I'll be doing the stand by thing. If anyone wants to keep me company I will be at interfaith dental at 7:45 am on Friday and hopefully will be having this fixed soon.


Burdett Family said...

OK that is just WEIRD... I was eating an M&M blizzard and my temp filling came out. I got mad but then wanted to finish eating my blizzard so I started eating my blizzard and broke half my tooth off !! Wouldn't it be weird if it was the same tooth ?!?!? Mine is on my right side
take a look. I hope they get it fixed soon !!

j&cprice said...

Stupid M & M's! Mines the lower left third back molar. Can't even see it w/o me showing it off. Do you have DSHS? Will they cover it? Mines covered to be filled, but if I end up needing a crown I have to pay for that

Burdett Family said...

No I have medical and dental thru work.... and I think it covers like 80% of the bill so its not bad. Its just getting the time off work to go get it fixed LOL