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Monday, August 22, 2011

Her favorite thing...

Elizabeth's summer can be summed up with the love for one animal in particular... she has developed a love for horses! I'm not sure if it's just a girl thing or a her thing, but everywhere we go she finds horse toys, pictures, etc. Anything she sees with a horse on it, she exclaims "my horsie, for me!" LOL.

She rode them in Eastern WA

she rode them in Covington, WA

she rode them at the NW WA Fair in Lynden

she rode them at Shanel's party in Olympia, WA

 She loves them so much we did her birthday party with the cowgirl theme and the horse barns are where we spent most of our time at the NW WA Fair. While we were in the horse barn near the arena she spotted one just her sized and I'm pretty sure we sat there for nearly 10 minutes, just starring at that little pony. Oh, how I wish I could buy her one, but until that day we'll stick with the ones that only cost a quarter or two to ride!


Marie said...


Cindy P said...

So, so cute! We have some serious horse enthusiasts around here, too. We are going to make your layered cookies in a jar for Katherine's 10th b-day- thanks for the awesome idea!