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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Silly Chickens

Like most chickens ours have had a decreased egg production through the winter months. About a month ago our really good layer had finally stopped laying or so I thought...
I discovered these today when I moved an old door Josh had against the wall in their coop! Over 32 eggs!
The space between the wall a the door was just wide enough for her to squeeze between!
Since they're all white that means our really good layer has been laying continuously through the winter, never missing a day. She just got smart to hiding her little eggs from the evil egg snatchers that come to her house around breakfast time, LOL!
Worst part is I had to throw them all out since I had no idea which ones were still good.
The coop got a complete scrub down today and all the little hiding places have been removed or blocked off, hopefully she doesn't find another hiding place. ;-)

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