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Monday, May 3, 2010

Monday Moments

Monday again already? Wow last week went by too fast!

Started off the week with Gabriel's soccer practice. The weather here has been so crazy! Rain and sun at the same time, but the beautiful result of all the craziness is lots of rainbows to take pics of!
Here is Elizabeth saying "pica boo" at Boulevard Park. It was so sunny on Thursday, we skipped out on school work and had a fun day going around with Josh. Had a picnic at the park and got a lot of errands done that day.
And lastly, we finally got a huge "to-do" checked off our list! The deck has been pressure washed! I can't wait for bbq's and just relaxing out on the deck this summer. It's so beautiful up here! Now all I need is some Adirondack chairs and some lemonade and I'll be set!

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