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Sunday, March 14, 2010

So there's this tradition....

...we started a few years ago of celebrating the first day of spring with fun games, special foods and a scavanger hunt. I saw this idea on a blog and thought it was great for our family, as we don't do the whole eggs and bunny thing on Easter weekend, but rather focus on the death and resurrection of Christ. So...this year, since we are in a house with a yard I thought I'd invite our friends to join us! If you'd like to come over you're more than welcome. The festivities will be geared towards the under 10 crowd, but I'm sure older kids would have a good time as well. Contact me if you're thinking about coming, so I can plan accordingly.

Oh, ya if you're wondering why it's not on the first day of spring this year...it's because I didn't want to take up anyones Saturday. So, I switched it to the last day of winter.

1 comment:

ruth said...

I would love to come, but I will be stuck at work instead. BUMMER! Have a great time!