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Friday, March 19, 2010

Friday March 12, 2010

A friend of mine suggested I write down the events of last Friday to "preserve" them. I figure sharing it with the world is just as good ;-)  So, I'll paint a picture with words of how our day played out...

There we are having a lazy day at home. Schooling was finished and I was sitting at the computer while my oatmeal butterscotch cookies baked. Josh was out working on his truck. Just as the timer is going off for the oven. Josh comes in running holding his hand and proclaims...I cut myself!!! AHH!!! I spring into action and follow him into the bathroom and get out the First Aid kit. He is washing his hand in the sink and pouring peroxide over the wound...I sneek a peek at the damage (yikes) and begin to feel a little light headed, but push on looking for some little gauze pads. "Darn, we're all out", I thought "Guess we'll have to make do with some band aids". I was certain Josh needed stiches, but since we have no insurance and already have hospital bills from my last visit. I knew Josh would not go. Still feeling a little light headed I hear Josh say "Hey, Babe...If I hold this open can you pour on the peroxide". He looks over and I'm leaning on the bathroom door. "She must be taking a breath", He thinks to himself. Then I slump back into the cabinets and onto the floor. So...There I am passed out on the bathroom floor. Josh is bleeding all over the sink. The cookies are burning (bet you forgot about those) and the timer is blairring. Which woke up Eli from her nap and now she's screaming. Josh wakes me and for one split second I had no idea where I was and how I got there. It all came streaming back to me and I burst into tears and started laughing at myself.
I have become such a wimp in my adult life...I have no idea what happened to me...LOL!!!
I have also discovered that even when unconcious I have praises for my LORD. When I was knocked out at the doc's office back in high school I dreampt I was playing "what child is this" and this time around I dreampt of a song that has been playing on Praise 106.5 lately. How funny is that?!?!

On the plus side the truck is running better than ever! Hurray for having two vehicles again!!

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