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Thursday, April 22, 2010

Fun at home

Yesterday we went out and did our typical Wednesday grocery shopping at the Market in Fairhaven. Arrived there just fine and got what we needed and loaded up the car to head home. As we're leaving and coming to a stop at the intersection I realized "MY CAR IS NOT STOPPING!?!?!" I almost rearend Josh on his motorcycle in front of us, but was able to swerve to the right and e-brake the car before entering the intersection. Light turns green and I slowly roll through the light and into the gas station across the street. So there we are car full of groceries and kids and no brakes! My mom came to our rescue (thanks mom!) and got us all home safely.
Turns out it wasn't actually the brakes, but either the brake booster or the vacuum pump that attaches to it...which leads me to today's post. We are stuck at home for a while until Josh gets everything all fixed up (Hopefully not much more than a week) and trying to make the most of it and keep the kiddos entertained. "What better way to keep boys entertained then blowing things up", I thought and decided to do a volcano experiment to kinda go along with all that's been happening in the news. I'll save the suspense and admit that there really wasn't anything explosive about our volcano. LOL
Building a volcano

Setting the scene
(no volcano scene is complete w/o dinosaurs LOL)

My sad eruption

In steps daddy

and the boys get the full on lava they wanted!

Maybe tomorrow we'll launch those rockets up in the closets ;-)

1 comment:

Honey Family said...

I am sorry about you brakes! Praise the Lord there was no injury! Very cute volcano...yahoo for Daddy's and big explosions!