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Thursday, January 21, 2010

Brewing some Rootbeer

The boys have been studying the American Revolution this year and we picked up this really great book at the library.

We use this for our read aloud time and we have a few historical fiction and nonfiction books for them to read on their own. As well as some nice educational videos for when I just need some quiet time. :o)
Anyhoo, to get to the point of this post...The first activity we dove into is brewing rootbeer. Samuel Adams father was a brewer and this is probably similar to the rootbeer he would have made.

Here is all the supplies needed.
(note: the mixer isn't needed, just happened to be there on my counter)

Add yeast to the warm water

Stir it up really well

Pour the ingredients into the jug

Shake to mix and place in the widow for a few hours

Put in the fridge overnight and enjoy the next day.

I have to add that ours did not taste very good. The first glass was excellent, but each subsequent cup was to yeasty tasting. Most likely to the yeast I used (regular dry yeast I have for bread making). If I were to try this again I would definately get some brewers yeast or whatever is really used in homebrew rootbeer.


Christopher said...

Sweet..You know that Sam Adams is our 3rd cousin 9 times removed.

Josh and Crystal said...

I did not know that. Very interesting...On who's side?