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Wednesday, October 22, 2008


ok, so i know it's been a long time since i updated this so here we go....

we've been super busy lately we have church and evening sunday school each sunday. tuesdays we have classes through our church where i get to do a book study, the younger two are in nursery and the older two get to go to a cef 5 day club. wednesday is awanas and fridays we usually have some sort of appointment to go to. on top of those things we have the day to day stuff like homeschooling, grocery shopping, cleaning, josh's school work and actually spending some time having fun together. it's been kinda chaotic the last couple weeks. i feel like things are calming down now, but i know it won't last long w/ the holidays just around the corner.
i (crystal) am really enjoying the book study i am in. we are reading holiness by grace by brain chappel. it's a really good book, just make sure if you read it you don't have all your little munchkins running around. i find that i need it quiet. so that i'm able to focus on the words more. it's not the kind that you can just quickly read through, you have to think and study what you are reading. which i like.
the boys are doing really well in awanas. joshua is into his third book of sparks and gabe has just moved up into sparks. cheaus is in cubbies now, too. he knows his verses. but won't say them for his teachers. he's so shy at first. i hope he warms up to them and does better there.
josh built us a new computer, so the boys get to use the old one for school. i guess josh needed one w/ more ram and other stuff to do the programs he has to use for school this year. so, the apartment is all turned upside down again trying to figure out where to fit the two computers and all their accoutrement's. this place seemed so big when we first moved it (more than double our last apartment), but we're starting to feel a little cramped after setting up all of Eli's stuff and all the other stuff that we've purchased or had given to us. i'm seriously considering just starting to go through every room and start chucking everything we don't absolutely need. now if i just had the time for that everything would be nicely organized instead of a mess like it is now. LOL
i realized that i never put pics of our place on here. i should do that soon. again, as soon as my online album is accessible again.

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