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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

dr appts

oh i forgot to mention that during all the chaos that is our lives josh and i had some dr appts to make sure we are in good health, now that we have real insurance. my doctor was a little concerned that my thyroid felt swollen and i have a family history of thyroid problems, so he sent me off for some lab work and an ultrasound of my throat. both came back showing everything was normal YAY! so no medications or treatments will be needed. the nutritionist at wic was telling me that a vitamin D deficiency can cause a slightly swollen thyroid, so she suggested that i start taking vitamin D3. she was saying it is actually really good for every women in the pacific northwest to take that because of our lack of sun exposure. in addition women who are nursing are notorious for having low levels and people who don't drink milk also have low levels, so as you can probably sum up on your own i have many factor contributing to that vitamin deficiency. she also suggested i have some blood work done to check my vitamin levels, but i'm not one to volunteer to be poke w/ needles, so i'll just get the pills and start taking them.
josh also went into see the doc and just had some lab work done. just the lipid panel that checks your cholesterol and all that. Everything checked out ok except his good cholesterol was a little low. other than that and being a little over weight (we both are :-( ugh!) he is perfectly healthy. so, now we are both kinda dieting and walking more. josh isn't really dieting, but i'm changing what i make for him and the portions that i serve to everyone. so, he's dieting by force i guess you'd say. on the good side of things i'm 30 lbs lighter than I was before getting preggers. when i got really sick back in january i lost 20 lbs gained it all back plus 1 lb from the pregnancy, but I've lost thirty again since delivery two months ago. so yay for me. i would still like to lose another 20 lbs, but am not stressing over it too much. i know it will happen with just the few changes we have made in our habits. and the fact that i can't eat icecream anymore. LOL

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