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Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Sorry for lack of posts

Hi all~It's been a crazy couple of weeks around here, so I haven't gotten around to posting in a while. Gabriel got pink eye and had to go to the doctor for a RX, but it cleared up really quick and he didn't have to miss out on too much. Joshua was scared he was going to get it, but he never did (neither did anyone else, praise God). He kept saying I don't want pink eyes, I like my blue ones. So, we had a quick lesson on what pink eye really was and that most likely his eyes will stay blue his whole life.
We did the Walk for Life and had a blast. I didn't reach my fundraising goal, but was able to raise a little to help out the Whatcom County Pregnancy Clinic. Of course I forgot my camera again, and never took out the cell to take any pictures. Zaccheaus was amazed by the playground w/ the bouncy castles. He thought it was this place off an episode of Blues Clue's called wacky wild world and couldn't get out of the stroller fast enough to go play.
We got to go down to Auburn last weekend and spend some time w/ Josh's brother Ben and his wife Trish. It was so nice out and 92 degrees. We went to the lake and the kids swam while Josh fished. He caught his first fish of the year and we were all too busy playing to notice. He let it go though, it wasn't that big. I did some shopping at the Super Mall and got some good deals. I got the older two new outfits for $10 each (just pants and a shirt) and got Zaccheaus an oshgosh train conductors hat. I'm saving it for his bday in July. It's going to be a train themed party. He loves trains.
Oh speaking of birthdays, Gabriel is turning the big 5 on Monday! We're having a little fishing party for him at the playground behind our place. He's really excited and can't wait to see all the little surprises we have in store for him. I will remember my camera for this one, so watch for pictures soon.
Other than all that we've just been busy w/ appointments, end of the school year stuff, etc. The boys finished another year of Awanas. Joshua finished his book the night of the awards ceremony, so they will both be starting new books next fall. They're getting so big so fast. Joshua will be going into the 2nd grade and Gabe is starting Kindergarten. I've already started collecting things for our curriculum next year (we home school). We're going to keep working through the summer though. We will still take a little time off when the baby comes, but we're a little behind this year w/ all the craziness of life, so we'll just keep plugging away at it. That's the beauty of home school. Less time constraints.
Enough of this novel I have going here. I hope you are all well. Take Care. ~Cry

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