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Wednesday, May 7, 2008


Thanks to my transfer cable being lost here is an update on the last two weeks of our fishing adventures...
We went to Lake Paden on opening day and it was packed. We had to hike up around the lake to find a good fishing spot and then realized that we forgot our net by the car and forgot to lock the car, so back I go to make sure everythings still there (i had left my keys/purse in the trunk, so it was possible for there to not even be a car waiting there for me...AHH!) Get the stuff everythings ok, cars still there start hiking back. But, wait where were we at? I knew it was past the bench, but couldn't find it. Couldn't hear Josh & the boys, so I just went back to the docks and waited. They couldn't leave w/o me since I had both sets of keys. But, now I was going to miss out on their first catch. Well...they didn't catch anything and about an hour later they come hiking back down the trail and we go out on the docks. We met a nice older man who showed us some of his tricks and even let Joshua reel in two fish.
The other two boys didn't catch anything, neither did Josh or I. For me it was enough to be outside on a sunny day and have no one fall into the lake. LOL. We had lots of fun and I even got to see an owl up in the trees while I was searching for my family. Met lots of nice people and even got a bit of a tan.
Last weekend we decided to go out to Silver Lake. I was raining when we left, but news reports said it would stop by the afternoon. So everyone bundled up and got all the gear together again. Tried out our new super duper lure, suggested by the man at Lake Paden. But, no fish for us again. Again we made the most of our day at the lake. Had a picnic lunch and made a fire in the bbq to keep us warm. We were there a good portion of the day, but I think we would do better in the warmer weather or with a boat. The fish were jumping like crazy, even saw one fish jump completely out of the water, but nothing was biting. Most of the people on the shore weren't catching anything. Someday we will figure this fishing thing out and we'll be set.
Here's Josh and the boys at Silver Lake. Didn't get many pics out there. My camera was getting rained on.
In other new...(LOL)...I have my next Dr appt on Friday and will schedule my glucose testing for gestational diabetes. Also on Friday, Josh and I are having a date night. Our church has started up a Friday night free babysitting service once a month. We might go see a movie, since we earned free passes at the grocery store. A whole night to ourselves for free, doesn't that sound great! Then on Saturday we have the Walk for Life (see previous post). And of course on Sunday it's Mothers Day. :-) Everythings winding down for the year. School, activities, Awanas and it's making me anxious for August to come. I'm a very impatient person and I can't wait for this little girl to come join us. TTYL- Crystal

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