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Friday, April 11, 2008

Recent Happenings

We've been getting all geared up for Spring fishing season this year. Josh and the boys started trying to fish last year w/o much success. So, this year after much research we are going at it again. We now have all the proper gear and Josh and I both got our fishing licenses this year. Washington State fishing laws say that we could be fined if I tried to help the boys real in the fish. So, you can imagine how much fishing got done last year w/ 4 poles in the water and one adult able to real them in and cast them out again. April first our licenses became valid and we went out to Lake Samish. One of the few year round lakes in Whatcom County. We had lots of fun. Although we didn't catch anything. I think it's still too cold this year w/ all the crazy weather we've had this year. We were all up and ready to go at 9am, so Josh rewarded us by taking us out for breakfast first and then headed out to the lake. There was a really nice dock there (which you can see in the pics below) and no other people fishing, so it was really nice. A few others out in boats, but far away from us. Check out the pics below to see the boys. Someday I promise to get a picture of me on here. I'm just realizing there are none.

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