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Wednesday, January 30, 2008


We finally got our first snow of the Winter that we could actually play in. Monday night we had almost 6 inches, but by the time we got out to play in it on Tuesday there was only about 3 inches left. I'll post some pics below for you all to check out. They boys had so much fun throwing snowballs, running and building a snow man. The snow man only lasted about an hour before the big kids got home from school and destroyed it. They didn't just knock it over, they completely pummeled it so you could even tell there was a snow man there once. Zaccheaus really enjoyed being out there, but he was tripping over every little pile of snow. He was completely soaked by the time we were done. Check out the pics they're not that great, had to use my cell. I was out of batteries for the digital camera. TTYL
Oh ya and I will get some pics on of the new place just as soon as we get all these boxes out of here. How did I end up with so much stuff? LOL

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