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Thursday, December 27, 2007

Went to the ER

Spent last night in the ER with Josh. He couldn't breath all day yesterday and we just thought he needed his medication. So... I tried to get him in to see the doctor that was assigned to us by our new insurance. They told me that even though we were assigned to them; they couldn't see us. They weren't taking any new patients. I called the insurance company and just about every doctors office and urgent care clinic and none of them would see us either. I remember a name of a doctor that our friends at church told us about and gave them a call and (yay!) they'd see us. But, couldn't get in until Friday. So...off to canada we went, to get them over the counter. Needless to say his prescription did nothing.
So around 11 pm we took off for the ER. They got him in fairly quickly and my favorite ER doc took care of him. The same one who helped us out with Gabriel back when he was really sick. When he went in he was only getting about 20% of his oxygen and had a high heart rate. They did an ekg, blood tests, chest xray, 3 nebulizer treatments, IV fluids and gave him some steroid pills (pregnizone). Around 1 am they were talking about admitting him to the hospital, but thankfully after the fluids and 3rd neb. treatment he was getting 94% of his oxygen, so they said we could go back home, gave him some prescriptions and told him to follow up w/ our doctor.
It's weird but I'm so thankful it was just an asthma attack. They were testing him for blood clots, pneumonia, holes in his lungs, among other things. Things got a little scary there for a bit, when we didn't know what was going on. We were prepared for the doctors to come back and say something terrible was wrong with him.
I just spent the whole night praying and text messaging my mom. It was nice to have her to talk to. She didn't even care that it was 1am and she would rather be sleeping. She even drove in from Lynden to make sure Josh was ok. My sister even came with her and that was really nice. She has two weeks off from boot camp (BTW Keri joined the army) and spent her time making sure we were ok. Then, they went to my place to take over watching the boys.
Josh is doing much better today and is breathing very well. We're even still going ahead with moving on Saturday. It's been a crazy time, but I know God will get us through it. Thanks for reading my ramblings.
<3 Crystal

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