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Monday, April 21, 2014

He's a Sailor now

The Price men are notoriously dreamers and adventurers. They enjoy learning,  trying new things and living life to the fullest. Josh's latest dream has been sailing. He went sailing once on a trip with his dad in the Virgin Islands and recalls it fondly. Being that I am not a swimmer we have never done much with regards to water, as I don't want to drown and die. 

But after talking with "the guys at work" who are sailors there was no holding this dream back. Josh wants to sail! 

Elli on the small boat we looked at back in March

So for the past 2 months we've been looking at sailboats for sale. Trying to figure out what would suit us. His work friends all suggested starting small (and several tried selling him their boats, so they could buy bigger ones), but we quickly learned that when you're 6'5", have 4 kids and a wife who can't swim a small sailboat doesn't really suit you. We started looking at bigger boats and we think we found the one that will fit us well. 

Josh's work friend Jim took us sailing! 
Eagles at Blaine Harbor
We are hoping to find one soon. Josh would love to take his dad and brothers out for their annual camping trip to the San Juan Islands. We also would use it for crabbing and fishing for the family.
It's a good thing I don't believe in luck because I'd have to change the name of this boat! 

Last weekend we took a little day trip around the Puget Sound to look at some sailboats for sale. Josh had already researched boat makers and decided that a Catalina would be the boat for him. He sailed his friend's 30' and liked it, but he was too tall to stand down below. So we looked at some 36' and some 42'.
Riding the Seattle-Bremerton Ferry last weekend
FYI... there are some pretty nasty looking marinas in Bremerton!
It was a little too windy for Elli's hair this day
While the 42' was the nicest boat we looked at (it had 2 bathrooms!), we liked the 36' the best. Josh could stand up inside, it had room for everyone & then some and (the deciding factor) a berth at the back with a bunk big enough for Josh and I. Now we wait and watch the market for our future boat! 

Happy Sailing Friends!

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