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Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Valentines Dinner

Valentine's Day usually isn't that big of a deal in the price household, but this year I thought we were in need of a little something special. So I put together this little dinner for our family;

The table was set

Dinner was made, simple yet delicious! The place mats are pieces of card stock that I wrote "I love you" on with a metallic sharpie.
Extra special items as a centerpiece, the cross has the Corinthians love verses on it. The willow tree figures represent our kids.
Close up of our table cloth. It's a plastic one from Fred Meyer. I don't really like the traditional Vday colors, but this one fit my style perfectly!
The best part (IMO). A simple yet special dessert, boxed brownie mix, whipped cream & chocolate sauce.

I have a real problem with over planning things and not being able to execute all the great ideas I have thought of. Which leads to the end result of me being frustrated and no one enjoying the evening, because mommy is grumpy. So this year I was purposeful to plan a simple menu and simple decorations that 1. didn't cost a ton of money and 2. were easy to execute even with being gone most the afternoon at my book study class. Josh commented that it was probably his best Valentine's Day ever. This comment did come after he took a nap (while the kids were outside and I was making dinner) and after he had a few glasses of wine with his steak dinner. But, I'm taking it as a complement regardless and think I was successful in my simple attempt! =)

Did you do anything for Valentine's Day?

1 comment:

abigail said...

Love this, Crystal! Good job making the day a special one for the whole family. Your creativity is inspiring!