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Saturday, October 8, 2011

I'll get you Murphy...

... and your little "law" too!

Today I was supposed to go to Titus Two, but Josh had to work
I have one Saturday every few month that I schedule something and inevitably Josh will have some opportunity too good to pass up on that Saturday.

Made Cinnamon Rolls for Titus last night & they turned out ok, but the ones I made for the fam this morning were perfect... only difference was the pan I used!
Little tip; unglazed stoneware is not recommended for baking Cinnamon Rolls!

I decided I'll just drop off the Cinnamon Rolls I signed up to bring to Titus, but the truck wouldn't start
(the switch on the amp was left on and drained the battery, don't worry mom, your truck is fine)

Called Mrs. D @ the church and she had Mr. D come and pick up the cinnamon rolls (Yay!)

Tried taking a shower and all the hot water ran out
it's been over 2 hours since Josh took his shower

Had both my contacts roll back behind my eyes at the same time and had to work them back out

So now I'm sitting here, with icicle cold hair, a headache from poking at my eyes trying to retrieve my contacts, the kids are all hopped up on sugary cinnamon rolls and I'm worn out and ready for a do-over day.

Praise the LORD, I get to spend this afternoon/evening visiting with my sister and her family and going to Stoneyridge Farm! So hopefully that will redeem this day from it's horrible start. I'm off to blow a bunch of money, eat junk food and run my kiddos ragged! Hope your Saturday is off to a better start than mine! ;-)

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