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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

It's good to be home

Josh and I just returned home last night from our little vacation. It was so nice to get away and relax, but it's even better to come back home to the kids.

For those that don't know...I won a contest through the local tv station and my prize was dinner at Anthony's Restaurant and a gift certificate to stay at Shilo Inns. We chose the Ocean Shores location for our getaway and I think you can see why in the above photo!

We had fun just walking the beach, collecting shells for the boys and checking out the wildlife. Lots of seagulls, pelicans and other sea birds. Seals could be seen bobbing out in the surf and the scenery was so beautiful. The weather was really great, too. Especially since it is October!
What a beautiful place! Beaches on the ocean are sooo different than the ones we're used to on the Puget Sound. We will definitely be returning with the kids as soon as we have a vehicle large enough to get us all there. :o)

On the way back we stopped off to have lunch with my sister in Olympia. She works right down the road from the capitol building so we decided to play tourist for a little bit and check it out. It was lots of fun, too! I think everyone should visit their government buildings and learn what really goes on in them. Be an informed citizen!
All in all it was great to get away for a bit. But, I missed my kids terribly. First time I was ever away from Elizabeth over night. She was so cute when I showed up at my mom and dad's to pick her up. She had a look that can only be described as utter shock when my mom opened the front door and Elizabeth saw me. It was so cute!

To see more photos go to my facebook album....

Homeschooler/ Trivia Question:

What and where is this place....


ruth said...

No fair I have no idea where or what that place is. You need to give up the answer so I'm not in the dark!

Squaw Creek Ranch said...

Oh! Oh! I have seen this from the freeway(I think) waaaaaay down south Washington right? Springfield...no...oh shoot, I will have to go search for the answer now.