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Wednesday, May 20, 2009

The Countdown Has Begun

24 days and counting until Josh's graduation!!! We are all so excited for this season of life to come to an end. Josh graduates from Western Washington University on June 13 with a bachelors degree in Industrial Technologies-Vehicle Design. It will be aired on the local comcast channel if anyone wants to watch or you can come and watch it in one of the lecture rooms at WWU. All of our four tickets to the ceremony are already accounted for, sorry. :-(
He is staying very busy finishing up his projects, presentations and all the other things of life. He has been polishing up his resume and we have found a few companies worth applying to (and no none of them are in Detroit) and are researching the housing markets in several towns. It's so weird to not know what will be happening in your own life two months down the road. We would greatly appreciate any prayers for direction and to just help us get through this last bit of school.
This weekend we are planing on doing some shopping for this big event... Josh hoping to get a suit for his future interviews and to wear to the ceremony. It'll be his first suit ever. LOL He doesn't even know how to tie a tie, so this will be interesting. Plus, he said that since he'll be all spiffy at graduation I can get a new dress to wear, so I can be all fancy, too. We're going to go visit his brother in Auburn, so we can shop down there and have more of a selection than here in Bham. OOOHHH...this is getting so exciting!!! You have no idea!


Card Family said...

Congratulations! That IS very exciting!!! :)

Burdett Family said...

Very exciting !! Congrats to Josh.. Remind me when It gets closer to the date I want to watch it On TV...or will it not be on here in olympia ?!?!
Also bring your cell so you can take pics of the dress you get. Although if your going to the supermall they are seriously lacking good stores we were just there the other weekend :o( You should go to that new strip mall place in kent.... don't remember what its called but it looks nice !

j&cprice said...

kent station? didn't go there this time