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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Has Sprung

At our house we don't do the typical Easter celebration. We want to spend the time really reflecting on the death and resurrection of Christ rather than bunnies and baskets. So I stole this idea from a church friend who's blog I've been lurking on :o)
Last Friday, being the first day of Spring, we had a Spring Celebration! We had "spring" decorated donuts and fruit smoothies for breakfast. Then I had an appointment that morning. Came back home and had a little egg and candy scavenger hunt.
<-Gabe The boys thought this was so much fun. We had to have it inside due to the weather. In WA even when it's spring it is too cold outside sometimes.
<-Joshua Joshua got the golden egg! We buy the wonka candies since none of them have peanuts.
<-Zaccheaus Counting and trading their loot! :o)
I had to go to the church and set up for Titus Two and when I came home we were going to set up all the bird feeders and humming bird feeders (we've seen some already this year!), but again the wind was too blustery and the rains were heavy, so we put that off for another day.
For dinner I made salmon, baked red potatoes and corn...oh and snail dinner rolls. Look you roll them up and they look like this...
Sorry the pics fuzzy. I got a glare off my stone. The antenna (sp?) are carrots. The boys really enjoyed these too!
Just so I don't seem all martha stewarty here's what the rest looked like....
Happy Spring Everyone...Enjoy the weather...(when you can LOL)

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