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Friday, December 26, 2008

Happy Birthday Jesus!

Christmas Day was really relaxing at our house. The fridge was stocked w/ left overs, so I didn't have to cook! We're still trying to figure out what we want to do as our traditions every year. What do you all do? Any suggestions?
We wake up in the morning with the tree all set up w/ gifts ready to open...The wrapped gifts are for Josh (daddy) and the bags are the boys "stockings". What do you do for stockings? We have friends that make fabric giftbags for thiers. Don't know what I'll continue doing for our family.
Before anyone can touch their gifts I read the story of Jesus' birth from either my bible or a story book. This year it was both. Then we dug into our gifts...
After the chaos settled and we cleaned up the mess, we went over to the mall and watched "the tale of despereux". It was a good movie and rated G, so no inappropriate stuff. I think we might keep this tradition of going to a movie on Christmas day. Then we headed back home, snacked on some leftovers, played and then watched Nativity Story before bed. This has been something we've done the last two years and we saw it on Christmas Eve the year it was in theaters.
Oh and this is my swag that I got for free at the grocery store because it was drying out and they just wanted them gone. :-DMy mom got us this adorable "kid friendly"(it's made of resin) nativity scene. I love it! So cute!

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