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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

7 Years!

Josh and I celebrated our seventh anniversary yesterday. Nothing too fancy, but still a special day. After I was done babysitting we headed out to Hovander Park (where we were married) with the boys and just ran around and played.
It's really neat to go out there every year and see how it's changed and see the animals. Each year the animals are bigger and the trees grow taller. Kinda represents our growth each year as husband and wife (sappy I know LOL). But seriously, it's really amazing to think each year about what has changed in our lives and all the blessings we have received.
Zaccheaus passed out on the way there, so here's a pic of him asleep in the grass. LOL. After the park we checked out some other spots in Ferndale and headed back home. Josh took me out for dinner at the Keg and thanks to his bday being in two weeks his meal was free, so our anniversary dinner cost us a whole whopping $20 including tip. We walked around the mall for a little bit too, not as part of our celebration, but just because I need to move around more. I'm at 35 weeks now and the less I'm active the worse I feel. So, that was it. No elaborate trips and flashy gifts...Just a nice time with our family and some alone time for Josh and I to talk. Perfect!
Here's one of the peacocks that were so obsessed w/ me and my pretty dress seven years ago. They are soo pretty!
Oh...BTW Josh had his tooth pulled last Tuesday and found out he needs two root canals, so please pray for him that he can get all that fixed and his gums heal up, they're still pretty painful. Quite amusing watching him try to eat steak last night.

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Card Family said...

Congratulations on your anniversary sounds like you guys had fun...